The smell of rain

Hello sugars,

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Okay, so alot of you will know that I grew up in suitcases. We moved often and to lots of very different places when I was just a wee sprout, but a few things always stayed the same:
*CNN, whatever country, whatever hotel, whatever the language, you could switch on the TV and get some CNN news, it was my bedtime tune if you will.
*The smell of rain, the night before last IB and I went on a beer run, it was late and I wanted my favourite french beer, as we came out of the supermarket I smelt rain, it 's the best scent, I'd bottle it if I could.
*Hagen Daas, in Lesotho we lived in the middle of knowhere on a HEP project. We couldn't get immediate medical help we were so isolated, but the contractors (the builders) were an Italian company and they never left us without ice cream. In any country in any city in any language, Hagen Daas is always there!

I think these images perfect reflect the smell of rain....

All my love