Pizza and Beer: A perfect night in

Hello loves, 

I just love Friday nights in. When I was very wee in Lesotho and South Africa my Daddy P was a very clever man, and so while working on the Dam, on the evenings and weekends he'd work with printers to design and sell Katse Dam merchandise. It was incredibly savy and taught us all alot of valuable life lessons. Most friday nights in Johannesburg we'd pick up freshly designed stock, but to keep costs down, we'd buy the apparel in bulk and not folded into little bags for sale. In South Africa our house was everyone else's house, and so many people I loved dearly lived with us. So on a Friday night in my beautiful little dresses, my Daddy P and Uncle Brent would  do a massive pizza run from our Mafia neighbours restaurant. We'd spend hours folding tshirts and clothes on the dinning room table, eating pizza and the adults drinking beer. As a result, I never shy away from hard work and most certainly never think anything is below me, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

                                       via Amy Lu on Pinterest


All my love