Pet Hates

Hi Sweets,

My Momma always says "Kill them with kindness" or "Tell them to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the journey"

I wish I could kill them with kindness, but I'm a much more confrontational person. If you are out of line and rude, my insides boil with disgust, you have to be told.

Sometimes though, due to the nature of the situation and the people involved, it can be difficult to express your disgust at, certain people. I have a long array of naughty sewer mouth words which roll out on occasions, I'll let your mind do the wondering, and for now say "you muppet".

There are a few, Muppets, out there who I unfortunately don't have much time for, or at least I don't have much time for at present.

So what to do? Well, my tongue is always bitten, my father always tells me to let small mindedness wash over me, I'm above people talk and poisonous words. I give certain people nothing bad to say about me.

The truly sad thing is that, certain people, should under no circumstances belittle those around them to make them feel better about themselves, it's truly sad. So I show face, refrain from being too defensive, smile and make the most of a tedious circumstance. I surround myself with people who are fantastic and leave you feeling motivated and fulfilled as opposed to drained and pettied. As my Daddy P often reminds me, turn the negative into a positive and you benefit from a bad situation. My response is often "like a "£%(*$(^*£W$ hole in the head" and he reminds me "no, like an achiever"

Does my pseudo calm approach work? Well, when it doesn't I always have...

And a hipflask. There are only certain occasions where Dutch Courage is much needed.


All my love
Patricia SnookComment