Guest Post: Johanna from Sketchbooksix

Hello loves, 

The amazing and wonderful Johanna from Sketchbooksix has one of the most fabulous websites, filled with endless fashion inspiration, and she has an appreciation for Jeffrey Campbelle. Her photography is amazing too, she's utterly inspired and must be an really informed photographer to work with! This is what she has to say about fashion and the thought behind her creations.... 



When someone talks about fashion, all of my body and mind stay tunned to it. Fashion is art, is expression, is culture and it's personality and, for an Arts student there's no better way to express and show her personality through her clothes. After I started my blog, sketchbooksix, I thought about doing a t-shirt line (of course I want to expand it to a very own brand line), I'm inspired by designers like Stella McCartneyKarl Lagerfeld,BalenciagaLauren Conrad and so  on.. 


I think what people want are t-shirts which can express the mood of that day, so I decided to make some of them with quotes like "Don't try to resist me, I'm gorgeous" or "I want candy!". The t-shirts are something very simple and girly, something to wear in a concert or at school, mostly are liketank tops that you can wear with leggins or a cute jeans. For this line, I was inspired by candies and another sweets, like cupcakes and jelly bears, and soft colors. Soft colors because I always wear then, I think they're fresh and they're cute, like peach or soft pink or soft blue, another thing that inspires me a lot are palaces, I love palaces, the historya and the mistery of them.. 

I'm a little crazy about fashion, I started to read about it since I was a little kid with my father, we bought VOGUE and we read it on the beach together, actually my grandmother and her sister had a fashion store with a lot of clothes. Here in Lisbon, they lived in a time that authoritarism and nationalism were the principal political view, so they couldn't bring anything of the outside to Lisbon, so they went to Paris a lot of time, they searched the principal trends and they bring them to Portugal, to store in Chiado, called "Fashion House". It's a really good past, and I love them so much, so my love for  fashion is so much more than go shopping, so much more than buy a new dress or a new shoes, fashion is styling, is showing off the cloths and it's expression. Fashion is a religion and VOGUE is a bible.