Festival Outfits

Hello Sugar Sweets,

Wow so this weekend was awesome! The music at Leed's Festival was fabulous, the company amazing and I took lots of narly images with a retro disposable camera so they're being developed now.

I loved the fashion and the festival outfits. Tights, shorts and Hunters were my staple by far. My next festival is one run by my uncle on the south coast. It'll be more of a fashion festival but I've certainly got to think about festival outfits. My family on that side of the island seem to think of me as the wild footloose child, the bum. It makes me laugh like crazy because like y'all know, I barely have a second free I'm so hard working. You know what they say... walk a day in my shoes, Jeffrey Campbelle that is. But hey, I've never cared for small town gossip, and I'm glad to say that I instead surround myself with positive high achieving people. 

Anyway, festival outfits, wellies are a must! Just get good ones, the more plasticy ones ACHE! If you're slumming it, you will need a hat and a massive pair of sunglasses to hide the messy hair and bags on your eyes. 
Festival outfits
Festival outfits
Festival outfits

All my love