Hello Sugar Sweets, 

Well, with summer drawing to a bitter end, I thought it perfectly fitting to gather together some loves and pay homage to the passing season. With heaps of cocktails of course. This eve we'll play some silly card games and have many a tipple. Vodka on ice is my vice, primarily the holy three 42Below, Grey Goose or Belvedere. The past weekend we couldn't take bottles into the festival and so instead I found vodka in a bag - just like a child's juice carton - it was vile. 

Have you got any Vodka's that you'd recommend? 

I'm off to work on some little decor ideas, and I think these three images below are perfect centrepiece inspiration! 

                                        via Lauryn Mack on Pinterest

                                        via anna k on Pinterest

                                       via Lauryn Mack on Pinterest


All my love