Autumn closing in

Hi Dolls,

Thank you for your beautiful comments Re that silly picture of myself below. Photoshop is so much fun! And if any of you are midlands locals, we should set up an awesome photoshoot! I'm thinking October time, big picnics, fabulous editorials, mail me at if you're interested!

Okay, so this morning has been a wirlwind already, I've just finished a contract seconded to Severn Trent Water, which was great because I contributed so much but at the same time learnt alot too. IB's amazing uncle is a top business consultant and he's giving me a run through for an interview I have on monday. As my Daddy P says, being 110% organised will increase your confidence 200%. I've also had an email from a fabulous shop which we're discussing a beautiful giveaway, watch this space.

I have also had the arrival of my new baby, an L series 28-300mm canon lens, I'm as happy as a pig in.

Anyway, with the autumn closing in, I'm turning to gold jewellery to brighten the days, how perfectly glam is this ensemble? 


All my love

"glam"Patricia Snook3 Comments