Market shopping in Bosnia


So last week I spent some time in a few places with the girls. We popped to Bosnia which was so much fun. It's an utterly gorgeous country, after reading this review of the country before hand, I wan't sure what to expect, yes the country seems to be making huge leaps and bounds in terms of developing its tourist industry, but still, it's Bosnia. We spent the afternoon in Mostar which is very pretty, but please, if you ever consider visiting, never wear stilettos, the cobbled street will not be your friend! I got some cute cute cute items from the markets, which included some drawings and prints by the artist Alica Jakirovic. They say that Mostar is a city where East meets West. From what I saw, yes, to an extent. East in a sense of smells of incense, coppersmiths, markets, carpets, really Aladin's cave esq, but it's still pretty war torn looking. However, the locals are always quick to usher you over to the more developed area of town which is arguably more Western.

I'll share a heap of images with you later in the week once editing is done, for now though, ever the practical one, this is what I wore for market shopping in Bosnia.

All my love