Live to Work

Hello sweet loves,

I want to share some of my projects with you.... Please never let my outfits and decor love let you think that I have heaps of cash! Years ago, I read Karl Largerfeld's iconic advice "Go either very cheap or very expensive, it is the middle ground that is a fashion nowhere." I believe it wholly, and that quote fits perfectly with my approach to life. I buy thrift, vintage and charity, but I buy silk, lace, leather, wool, fabrics and items which have been hand crafted to stand the test of time. By taking that approach, I can buy very expensive, but I'll think about it first. In terms of fashion, I am not fashionable in the least, or at lest not by pedestrian definition. I cried a little inside when I saw Blamain shoulders appear in Primark, it was like a swans song.

Then again, shopping is a truly enjoyable activity for me. Over the years I've perfected the art of running my fingers blindly along a line of clothes, and stopping at the pure fabrics. I truly wish I had the time to learn to sew amazingly, however, there are only so many hours in the day - of which I only sleep for a TEENY 4-6 hours each night anyway!!

Pah, so I want to share these with you.... they're my latest thrift finds....

The Print in the frame is one of my new ventures, Wondering Vintage over at Etsy has a few of 'em... Okay that's shameful self plugging!

I'm spending a few days each week working from home, and even though we have a home office, I'm more of a lounge aroundy. But.... for £5?! I bought the footstool and little table, revamped them and daa da da daaaa, I've got my little home office setup!





What's your shopping style?! Any advice?

All my love