Okay, so I'd love to introduce one of my darling's to you. I've known Rachel since the beginning of time, we probably met, what, say 12 years ago? WOAH. Geeee Whizzzz....

Anyway, she's a knitter, and she's utterly fantastic at what she does! Have a lookey look at her recent creation!


HOW CUTE! I'd wear it, for sure. Probably with jeans, 5inch booties, s crisp white shirt underneath and a blazer. Please please please tell her that we HAVE TO do a photoshoot!

Her blog (over here) is utterly fantastic for those of you with a penchant for knitting, she has fabulous links to all sorts of narley sites. She's also written a fabulous account of how and why she started with this hobby. PLUS she only lives like, 500meters away from me, and she made these utterly fantastic cupcakes, and didn't share! At uni we lived a block from each other too, and we used to have crazy nights of insane bake offs and create delicious delights! I think a shoutout is needed.

Have a lovely eve

All my love