Hotel California

As a little punk rocker in Marc Jacob, I've always had a penchant for tunes. Take me back to the eighties and clad me in leather and I'd be like a pig in Chanel.

At the end of an eve, that's the beginning for me, once the scenesters pass out, I love to play old school tunes. The Coasters, Bob Seger, Jimi Hendrix... DeePea, after living with me knows all too well my loud tastes. She's terribly long suffering.

Anyway, these are a few SeeSee and I took earlier this week... *enjoy*

*I apologise for the lack of fab video, this is the only one I could find on YouTube that was of the actual song and not covered by mass produced Pop Idol esq boybands*




Are any of you lovelies on If so give me an add, my user details are further down the page. We can judge each others tastes in music :)

Have a fabulous eve