Guest Post: Joanne from Le Painter Studio

Hello Sweets, today I am elated to welcome an utterly wonderful bloggette, Joanne Angelina from Le Painter Studio, to A Wondering Star. She has the most beautiful writing talent and has an utter zest for all things beautiful in life. If you haven't done so, have a peep at her site, it's so inspiring.

On Dreams...
By Joanne Angelina

All our dreams can come true...if we have the courage to pursue them.
-Walt Disney

Dreams... they are exactly a million pieces of the world we either wish we knew of, or experience, weaving an imaginative border of endless possibilities.

The question is: are we ready to take the plunge, or are we forever singing within our own bird cage?

The days within your life are yours to hold, and like leaves to a tree, they slip by you ever so swiftly. Dreams are veins within the branches, so set them alight.

Do not ever let anyone stop you in the way of seeking what your heart wishes. They are the ones who never quite understood the secret to Life.

At each point of our lives, we engage ourselves through certain "chapters" of dreams that we secretly aim for. From our childhood aims of going to the moon, to run faster than anybody else in the world, to be a hero- it would often come down to going around the world, run the marathon and win it for those battling leukemia around the world, to saving the one you love.
There is no difference... its only dreams that fell in love with the reality of our lives.

So go on, catch that long-forgotten dream... take it out of that glass jar, or from the stained pages of your journal, and breathe life into it. We are all that we can be- so long as we remember, our dreams will forever live within our minds and heart.

*photos courtesy of weheartit *