Blog tips

Hello Loves,

So today I thought I'd share some nerd advice with you, I know how hard it is to find great "how to" pages to add little bits to your wonderful blogs. Okay, so get your pen and paper ready and let's have a nerd session.

Find out more about your readers

Google Analytics, I've tried other traffic monitoring installations but don't waste your time, just GA it. If you're registered with blogger, you'll have access to it anyway, just go to the website, click on the big blue button that says Access Analytics, and follow the installation steps. Easy Peasy! It takes about 24 hours for GA to grab the code which you have to install in the html of your page design, but otherwise it's nice and easy.

Once your data starts coming in, you can see all sorts of useful information, such as a map overlay of info to illustrate reader source.

Make it easier for readers to share

I easily read 100 of your posts every single day, I read them on either my phone or laptop. When it's my phone, I can't leave comments because my Blackberry sucks, but if there's a retweet or a Facebook like button, I can let you know I've popped by that way.

One of the most useful sites I've come across is it's so easy to navigate and has the most wonderful tools and tricks. Have a look at how to incorporate a Facebook like button into the bottom of posts, or a Facebook Share button.

Are you on twitter?

If so, make sure that we know, if I love your blog I'll want to follow your tweets. Start off by telling your readers with a static button, and then add a retweet button into your posts. Retweet buttons, take around 15 minutes to install, but then it's easy peasy for fabulous readers to easily share.

Eek! So what do you think? I know it's not fabulous to look at, but, a bit a nerdery helps the world go round.

Any other tips you'd like to share?

All my love