Aloha! I hope you've all had a brilliant weekend. I'm so excited to share one of my little weekend projects with ya'll....

So... yesterday Momma and I headed to our favourite Sunday morning junk sale in the middle of nowhere. We found some beautiful vintage items and I found this tatty old footstool for £3!

The moment I took it outside, my little Diva decided to check it out and make sure it was up to her high standards.

Before: Vivaldi had to case the new item

So a whole lotta buffing, scrubbing, sanding, wire wooling, and a few licks of my favourite fired earth ivory and it looks gorgeous...

Revamped Footstool

Revamped Footstool

I also found this pair of lamps, they're Momma's but they're super old and insanely heavy!

Thrifted Lamp

Ooh AND on Saturday our lovely friends popped through from Rural and we had a catch up. We quickly popped into Primark and I FOUND THESE FOR £15!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been wearing them all day today and d'ya know what, they feel pretty comfy!

Revamped Footstool

Have a wonderful eve