Ooh! Hello lovelies,

I hope ya'll have had a fabulous weekend and an even better start to the week. Phowr, so this weekend IB and I headed southwards to see one of my favourite Engineer nerds and had a funkin' A time. I <3 Brighton, I want to live in all the beautiful vintage shops.

Brighton Pavillion

I've gone insane with all the textures which this Flickerette has to offer, they're all hers and are so beautiful.


I had to buy this massive necklace while wondering the pretty little streets, it's HUGE and makes my neck ache, perfect! No pain, no gain!


Phowr, I'm very lazy today. I have so MANY links I want to share with you, I have an amazing guest blogger over on thursday and I can't wait. Pssst..... have a sneak peek at her website....


My itinerary for this eve, beer and Flash Forward - is anyone watching it?! So addictive, and tonight.... someone dies.....

Tomorrow, I'm back onto reading and essaying. I love being a million people at once!

All my love pretties,