That's a whole lotta food there!

Three girls one Sundae. And it was good!

Utter piggys! We had lots of yummy cider and even more ice cream. Oh my gosh, there was a giant chocolate brownie in there, a slice of cheese cake, profiteroles, fudge, it just never ended. My cholesterol dream!

Time for a lunchtime run I'm thinking.

TGIF? It's been a fast week, I'm at home working on some GIS work today. That means it can be a PJ morning.

Weekend plans?! What are you all up to?! It's Willma's (as seen above) birthday on Saturday eve, so it'll be a catch up session.

Rockey and I are going to also catch the Runaways, I love that era of music, for those who've endured my links in the past, you know Suzi Quatro and Joan Jett are my staples and fashion icons!

*Here's hoping for more sunshine&sparkles*