Nostalgia, originally uploaded by }~T~{.

Mmm.... the warm breeze through drying linens. That's a good nod to the pending summer.

I love this image. Click on it to go to the source. The rest of her flickr images are just stunning.

How have your weekends been?! This weekend I've been fighting repeatedly with my internet and it's rubbish driver software. I've got a guest post for one of my favourite blogs and just can't get it sent off. I hate technology and it hates me.

Ooh Debate time! My Blackberry is coming to the end of its contract, and I've been on team Blackberry for 3 years now but there's the niggling, pending doom, do I go over into Iphone territory?

Any advice?!

Have a brilliant week ahead. I've been catching up on all your posts. These are a few very inspired girlies to name a few!

Sweetest dreams, I'm going to pull myself from the True Blood session that I'm having. I've never watched it before and I'm watching my first few episodes *Addicted*