Nature?! It's in my hair!!

Good evening ya'll. Ooh I hope you're having a fabulous weekend, basking in sunshine to awesome soundtracks being the primary task.

So last thursday IB and I packed up my tiny little car and jumped on the motorway, then 300 miles later (350 if you count when I got lost trying to pick him up from work!) we reached Edinburgh.

It was fab, Tekla, one of the friends we're staying with made lots of yummy grub which we ate like wild animals, starved from 6 hours on the road. Edinburgh is so pretty, her and I went shoe shopping because uh, let's face it, as glamorous as we'd like to make camping, it's just not hot. So little pumps in hand we piled into my little car, LITERALLY, piled.

This has been the view for the last few days, luuuurvley!

I'm so sorry I haven't caught up on all your posts and comments, there isn't much signal in nature. But, there's beer, fire, Cote' du Rhone, fire, mmm.....

Lots of love


P.S click on the picture for the link to the source, the guy is an amazing nature photographer, if you're into that!


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