Guest Post: Wild and Precious presents... Thirsty


No matter what we do, we're always thirsty. There just quite is nothing we can do to quench our thirst. The moment we think we've finally whetted our lips to their desire, our taste changes and the process to be filled starts all over again.

We want our hair like Rachel, get it cut, but then wish it looked like Jessica's. We spend our money on the most beautiful trendiest dress, but then the trend changes & you can't be caught dead wearing it. You spend years studying for a career, obtain it, and then realize you still feel just as lost as you ever have & wonder what you've been doing and what you will ever do with your life. Why aren't I skinny enough, athletic enough, a better dresser, have more money, more popular...?

Why do we keep chasing things that won't satisfy us & why OH WHY do we let the world (t.v., gym coach, Tyra, fashion mags, playboy, the man behind the counter, whoever!) tell us that such things will. Why is it never enough to be ourselves, to love ourselves the way we are made -- to actually CHERISH the fact that we are different, and to be secure in the fact that maybe we eat ketchup on our eggs, match the "wrong" colors together in our outfit, and date quirky men because WE like to and for no other reason.

Enough I say! Thirsting for a different identity is exhausting. Let's be revolutionary and be ourselves!


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