A rubbish week

173/365 || Break, originally uploaded by Aqua Libra.

Hello Schweets!

I pray that you're having a better week than me. I've had some SUPER AWESOME posts drafted, and I've been meaning to catch up on all your lovely words and inspiration, but I'm recovering.

Monday started WHAM with a car crash and 6 cars driving into me, yaaaay! My little wagon was okay, amazingly, and I was okay, my little bones just hurt. I got through tuesday fine, my wisdom tooth was really aching so I self medicated with Belvadere vodka and in the morning I saw my Dentist.

Now as I'm sure you all agree, Dentists, aren't really associated with a fun visit. Anyway, I just wanted something for the pain and to be referred to the hospital to have it ripped out. BUT HE DID IT, right there, BAM and my tooth was gone. *OUCH* My car was in for a service so I was going to have to catch the train to work, but I couldn't, because as my taxi driver exclaimed my face "looked like a ball"


Oh the fun to be had!

Now I'm going to get dressed and try to keep myself out of trouble.

If you're brave enough, I posted this : http://twitpic.com/16czc5 DON'T LOOK IF YOU'RE SQUEAMISH!!!!

Have a great day, love love love