Guest Post Thursday : Pearls, picnics & handbags ....

It is quite an honour for Mrs B& I to be invited into the world of the Wondering Star.

I am Momma or Dee & I like to think that the Fairy G-Mother (Aka Mrs B or Li) have had a positive influence on the fashionista whose invite we accepted.

We have had a busy time with the new home, getting it to look the way we are comfortable with and it is taking shape nicely now. I am rather pleased with the garden shed / Summerhouse; it is no longer that awful orange but a calming country cream colour where Mrs B & I sat out planning our summer picnic today, surrounded by Spritzer & vintage flasks ! All we need is some decent weather to put it all in action ....

Shropshire garden

I rather like this outdoor lantern which Mrs B & I found on our travels & it now has a place in the garden - can't wait for night time to light it (in warmer weather naturally hehee)
Shropshire garden">

Mrs B & I decided to combine our handbags for some photos after lunch - we had some trouble deciding which to include as there are just too many special bags between us.

Can you ever have too many black or white bags?
Handbags galore">

Everyone should have a few pink bags to cheer you up - this is some of our joint collection of pinks ....
Handbags galore">

This is a special handbag - my grandparents each had a spinster sister who had a huge influence on my life for their zaniness - their quirks, eccentricity and for the small legacy each left me. Maiden aunts can devote time & energy to stray, annoying young nieces because they don't have offspring of their own. This vintage, Viennese Petit Point was one such gift - something I got at about 11 & have carried it across countries, oceans & continents with me. It probably ignited the flame of interest in handbags ...
Handbags galore">

Another selection is my love of chained, small bags - they come in the most delightful shapes & sizes & to my mind, lend an qir of elegance to an outfit when only a small bag will do. These are on my desk on the landing not the best photo but enjoy
Handbags galore ">

Lastly, a peep into my bedroom, a work in progress still since the move as it was the last to be decorated from a very busy patterned orange colour to my favourite colour - Natural calico which is calm, neutral & the perfect backdrop for me as I change my mind almost as often as I change my handbags (Mrs B's influence .....)

This is my hanging rack for some of the perfumes & some of my many pearls. I know .... but they are all special & I love pearls. What do you think? Do you like it? I have pearls in all shapes, colours, sizes & ages - any other pearl fans out there?
My little corner ....

And a very recent find - a Laura Ashley chandelier which is pretty & it adds a splash of colour to the room - nicely reflected in the small mirror at my rack. Gorgeous or what?
My chandelier

Thanks for allowing me to share my bits & bobs with you, Mrs B & I hope to be invited back again sometime - perhaps to share that picnic with you


Thank you Momma and Mrs B for two fantastic posts this week and last! Yay it's so exciting, especially becuase these two ladies really inspire and influence my style.
AND all you lovlies, don't forget to enter the WonderingVintage competition! Anything will be given away!
Love love love