Fairy Godmother visits 'Tales of a Wondering Star' by Mrs B

It's not every day I get asked to be a 'Guest Contributor' to my favourite, FAVOURITE blog....so having thought about what I could tell you lovely bloggers, I decided I had better start by introducing myself to you...'Mrs B' as our lovely Wondering Star calls me, or 'Fluffie'...as Dee calls me....or indeed 'Tant Anna' as Dee calls me as well....no, no....luckily I don't have an identity crisis because of it but am honoured to have not one, but TWO nicknames....hee hee...so about me....well I am a BIG BAD BAG ADDICT...yes girlies, you guessed it, I ADORE handbags...big, small, wide, fat, roomy - or even those small enough to carry a miniature Chanel lipstick...my cupboards, storage boxes and drawers are 'groaning' with a selection of my lovely bags which I have collected over the years....


My other passion is of course chocolate....ooooh yes....it loves me too and my favourite of all has to be the simple, classic, timeless Cadbury Flake....like an old ad I remember from my childhood days says....'one bite and all resistance crumbles'....indeed it does - hence my wonderfully voluptuous hips...and of course chocolate is full of anti-oxidants so it's also good for your skin ladies.! I am delighted to tell you that I have, on many occasions over the years, baked chocolate cake for my Wondering Star, and am even happier to report that she loves it! YAY!!

Other passions....rings, lipgloss (my username on a popular website is 'Imeldalipgloss' - and we all know what 'Imelda' (Marcos) was famous for....SHOES - and lots of them - so yes - shoes, boots and accessories are another little passion I have! Dee has just informed me that it's more than a passion, it's an obsession...and I guess I feel that way about 'Tales of a Wondering Star', because since I discovered it, I can't wait for each new instalment - it brightens my day with glamour, wit, creative passion and all things girlie and beautiful which we all need these days, don't we...

Dee and I have just spent a wonderful morning shopping...yes, another passion of ours. After that we spent some time putting some of our beautiful bags together and taking photos for you all to see....would love to know our thoughts.
Handbags galore">

In the meantime pretty ladies...it's time for me to say farewell, as real life and duty calls and I leave the land of the 'Wondering Star' - only to return as one its most avid fans....a happy, beautiful weekend to you all xxxx