Aloha! Phowr! How are ya'll doing?!

So what is your fitness regime like!? I don't think I really have one, I eat sensibly and like doing stuff. The last few weeks, IB and his brothers and SeeSee and I have been teaming up to get up to all sorts!

SeeSee and I golfing

I'm a fantastic golfer, weird huh, and so I'm teaching them, plus it's super fun! And SeeSee has dozens of RL, Abercrombie, Lacoste, Jack Wills, polos so she loves it too.


Then there are ski lessons. It's been so much fun learning to ski, I feel really confident with those massive things on my feet. Once we've grasped that, I think there's going to be loads of surfing done in the summer. It'll be awesome!

*Photos by IB*

Are you guys winter sports lovers?! And how the hell do you accessorise in Skis?! I can't pull off the winter look!

Lots of love xoxo
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