Fashion Fix Friday: Balmain

Woah Black Betty,


She really gets me high, you know that aint no lie.

Dress: Zara


Balmain. If the world were perfect, you'd be my staple! I love the SS10 collections, I can't get enough of, as my Daddy P would put it, the rape victim look. Ripped and torn garb.

Grunge. The only rationale is that I must have been a homeless person in a previous life.

Ooh grunge, bad music and skinnies.... One of the world's top hydrologists, and a fantastic old colleague of mine, has an utterly beautiful wife. Elma. During my tine living in Ethiopia, her and I hung out loads and would spend endless nights at our "Clubhouse" near the Eritrean boarder. We'd party like beautiful rockstars... Owning the bar, dancing freely and singing along to Journey and Tina Turner, Tequila in hand!

I miss those days, especially when I find myself in supermarket isles and not really living but instead being. It's so strange.

What are your guys antics like?! How do spend your friday evenings?