Greetings from a Fragile Daydream!

hello lovelies!
my name is alexandra jane welcome and i have been asked to be a guest on this wandering star's blog!
when dear patricia first asked me to be a guest on her dreamy blog, i became quickly confused with a thought that went similar to this:
"what on earth am i going to write about?"
this is my first guest post so i was completely perplexed on what i should show you.
i thought that maybe i could post pictures of art i admire or maybe inspiring pictures i just adore like i do on my blog.
then i thought,
"this is a guest post by ME, not someone else!"
so then i began to ponder the idea,
"people from around the world will be reading this, what do i want them to see?"
and it hit me.
it is winter here in utah, usa, so i thought i would share with you the beauty of my world when it becomes chilly.
my blog is called,
in two sentences i can describe it to you:
"i tend to have these daydreams that escape from my head and wander the world.
sometimes i am able to recapture them and put them on my blog."
i like to focus on everything in my head:
and anything i can daydream about.
that is what i try to give others through my blog:
if i can daydream about it,
it will be on the screen in front of you.
i am a light sleeper, but a heavy dreamer.
if you are looking for some reality checks, please don't look at my blog.
i only like what's hidden in the clouds.
thanks so much to my dear friend, patricia, you are a doll!
love forever and always,