Rag and Bones

After a super early start post pubbage yesterday morning, we collected my Daddy P from the airport.

Come mid morning I thought I was going insane. I started living in music venues when I was just wee, each night, a different city and a different band. Now though, just twenty one, I get tinnatus all the time, so when I started hearing a horn yesterday I thought I was totally loosing it.

My mother hen expalined that it's our Rag and Bone man. WTF? Where are the tinkers?

So SeeSee and I were inspired to dress up like Rag and Bone peeps. It was uber fun.

My Daddy passed on some gifts that a wonderful Ethiopian lady sent me. So sweet, the lovely sent some cute jelly shoes and a bone cross.


I hate weekends in my wee town, the girls dress up in polyester and bargain bin trash. The blokes, back from their cheapy jobs, try the worst pick up lines, it's just a cringe. Indie Boy picked me up to take me out into inbread rural away from the sleeze, but we bailed and decided on an eve of horror films and snacks. SeeSee tried her best at looking Ghetto Fab. Cringe, no.


This evening was JoJo's partay. Her fam loaded us up on the cutest canal boat and we partied along.


It was too cute being with the girlies. I got to meet Willma's new boyfriend and I'm super impressed, he's so cool!


Soundtrack: Why do you let me stay here - She and Him

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