Mothers Day

Mothers Day, a great excuse for spoiling the extra special mothers in our lives.

SeeSee and I made a million pancakes and sprinkled them with all sorts of goodies. There are two little bunnies hiding amongst our table settings, they're Diva and Teddy.

Lots and lots of yummy ad lib brews.


While SeeSee and I made a mess in the kitchen, the bunnies helped with some gardening outside.

They've been living in the little garden room, because... well I just can't tell you yet. So they're not too happy, normally they're the best house bunnies.

So we snuck them into my room as we were doing some packing. Teddy loves jumping around on my bed.

Diva just wanted to bite and destroy because she's an angry little gem because of her down sizing.

The sun peeked out so SeeSee and I decided that we had to take silly photographs. She's been under the weather and with snot flying left right and centre, she played photographer.

I love lots and lots of little butterflies...

We went out to support a lovely bunny rescuer who was running far too far for charity. While waiting for her, I found this cute wade fawn in an antique junk shop, I'm going to take it on my travels. Anyone recommend a name?

These are my uber Moda in Pelle shoes. I love them so.

Ooh the sunshine was so nice and warm!

Hope everyone has had the most amazing weekend!