Room Tour - Loft Kitchen before and after

This kitchen has been a bone of contention since moving into the loft. It sits in the centre of a large U shape on the layout - with the bedroom and bathrooms going one way, and the living and terrace the other way. 

When we first looked at the unit on paper we started unpicking the floor plan - could we move walls, open up the space, turn it into a giant glorified studio, the options were endless. 

Then, after a few months of living in the space, I was converted. 

There was something so fantastic about just closing the door to the kitchen. If I hadn't got round to packing the dishwasher, it was okay, because I'd just close the door. 

We still had a few issues about the existing kitchen...

1. The loft space was converted into dwelling units in the 90's, our unit was one of a handful in the building which served as luxury hotel apartment rentals, then it was purchased and let out to tenants. Which meant that alot of the space was tired, especially the kitchen. 

2. The finishes on the work was rubbish. We bought the space as seen which meant we inherited a few appliances which saw out the first month or two of moving in. The dishwasher soon packed up, when replacing it and moving it out, we disturbed the floor tiles which were placed so that they ended flush with the appliances and not the floorspace of the room - this meant we broke a good section of the floor in order to yank out the dishwasher. When we yanked it out, we found that it was supported not on legs but on an old cardboard TV box. 

3. Storage. Pfff. The expedit units in the living area took alot of glasswear and crockery, simply because storage was limited. Now this must sound weird right because in the before pictures, there looks to be so much storage - under the worktop and above. However, the corner units did not run into the corners, leaving a large space inaccessible and redundant. The wall units were of shallow depth and couldn't really take much stuff and the washer dryer was located in one of the under counter units. 

4. Workspace. I love cooking, really, but Andrew loves cooking even more, and after a long day he winds down by creating delicious meals. So, my role in this metaphorical dance is to entertain him with my limitless humour with a glass of wine in hand. Due to the existing arrangement, there was a tiny area of worktop to prepare at, which meant that having two people in the space was a bit of a divorce waiting to happen. We could live with alot of poor design elements, but this was causing contention. 

5. Lighting. The room sits within the U shape, at the end of each U piece are 4m x 4m industrial windows which provide so much light. However, not the the Kitchen, infact there are utterly no windows in the space. So getting it right with lighting was at the top of our priority list. 

We ran through a series of options, and the one thing which remained constant was the want for a separate kitchen area which could be closed off. So in effect we were left with the room rather than options to destroy and redesignate. 

So we used the parameters and had a redesign of space. 

One of the great things was that we have a large storage room - which we reconfigured to allow for the washing machine to be moved into it. Which then meant that we had access to another area of storage! 

We met a few design companies and weren't really sold. 

So. We did it ourselves. 

We had our design and knew that B&Q had an excellent off the shelf range which when fitted perfectly really stood up to par. Luckily, Andrew is pretty good at kitchen installation - with this project being his 5th and smallest.