Mental barriers are a absolute pain. 

If I'm halfway up a climbing route and that barrier of doubt creeps in, that's it. Or if I'm running with Andy and the voice of doubt whispers, well, that's it. 

When it comes to walking though, there are no barriers. To me, a perfect day outside is ascending a few peaks and clocking up the miles. 

Luckily, the puppies are growing older which means we can increase the miles a little more each month, and on this little island we've got a whole lot of national trails and paths. 

With two Vizsla's, we have learnt to adopt an adventure ready approach to each day. 

We take them out on two walks a day, sometimes cycling, sometimes running, often walking. 

Aura is only 8months now, which means that we can walk her for around an hour, any longer and the risk of her getting joint problems increases. 

It means that she gets two walks a day... 

... and she loves it! 

We often follow footpaths, marked clearly by stakes with directional arrows. Sometimes we call up an OS Map on our phones.

A decade ago now, I completed all three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh award.

My group, a bunch of girls not particularly dedicated to the great outdoors, still share hilarious stories about our time hiking and camping. While completing the award, our navigational prowess was honed in and improved upon. 

Now though, without any destination to make before nightfall, we amble, we wonder. 

The dogs love racing one another for a retrieve. 

We throw the balls out in the long grass.

That way they have to really follow the scent and investigate. 

It doesn't matter who is the first to find the ball, the other will always fight for it and try to steal it. 

The dogs run and leap as we walk along. 

Andrew is far more diligent than I am when it comes to the two dogs. 

I tend to leave them to it, whereas he is much more engaged and calls them to heel. 

We continue our way along, with no particular end point, just enjoying the journey. 

Isn't that what life's all about?