Flames in the city

Reach for the stars!


University is now finished! I'm free to the world, until october when I start my Msc. However, to celebrate my finishing, IB got me a sweet surprise.... It's Biltong, or Jerky, I like it South African style. I'm very redneck.

A very awesome way to celebrate was with DeePea and Rockey. There was alot of vodka jelly.


I'm very excited about the next few days, the last 24 hours have been great with Rockey and IB and DP, and tomorrow I'm kidnapping a talented young bassist for a weekend of fun in the city. Also, next week, we're seeing the horrors for fun times with some oldies. Very excited!


The very beautiful Cassy from

Peace and Posies

gave me a pretty blog award which I have to pass on to 15 new/inspiring blogs, 15's just not enough!

Hmm.... There are so many wonderful blogs that I read every day, that I just can't limit it down to fifteen. So I'm going to have to go with everyone on my reading lists. Ya'll are tre inspiring! Take it, you deserve it! xoxo

Also, the very creative and ever so lovely Jane from

Summer Apparitions

made this very cute award



1. Accept the award and post it on your blog, along with the name and blog link of the person to gave it to you.

2. Under the award put these rules, 5 random things about yourself, and 5 other bloggers you are going to pass the award on to.

*Pearls in your hair

*Underfunded Heiress


*Peace and Posies

*Style my closet

Here are my five random things:

1. I sleep with my ears always covered, because an african witch doctor told me demons would crawl into my brain when I was a kid.

2. On the sleep note, I subscribe to MyThoughtCoach, and Stin, the guru puts me to sleep.

3. I like my coffee black

4. Policepeople scare me.

5. For a specific reader on here, I do have my ears pierced.


I've just washed the stench of fire out of my hair. Burning stuff was great fun, under the stars, eyes glazed over with the beauty of the flames.


We're not finished yet, but Rockey and I are making our very own Tutu's for The Horrors! It's very exciting, mines going to be pink and ruflly and cute, and hers is going to be pink and starry and lacy. I'll show all when they're done!


Have a wonderful weekend peeps xoxo