Room Tour // Living

Okay, so you know I'm in love with my garden and growing as much as possible in such a small space. 

Well... the vegetation often spills inside - especially during winter. Selecting interiors which echo sentiments of green and lush plants is a ket element of my living room design choices. 

Anyone who has been a house guest will know how much I love a cold house! In the depths of winter there's nothing more refreshing than the windows ajar, doors open on a cold sunny morning. While I'm home, doors are always open - physically and metaphorically. Inviting in the layers of green from outside and integrating it into the space is a huge design feature of mine. 

Also... I love my trees... The olive tree has offered it's first fruit this year. There's such architectural beauty in the leaves of the plant and instead of a bunch of flowers, this tree sits in prime position. 

Years ago I met Andrew's brother in law... perhaps it was 2008... luckily he doesn't remember that first meeting. Shortly after meeting him, a few buddies and I crashed at their house after a night out, it was the first time I encountered this Chesterfield. Playing guitar hero at three in the morning and spilling beer on the leather, again, luckily the family didn't remember me. 

After that first encounter with this sofa, the second was a year or so later when Andrew relocated to Brighton. Again, talking crap in the early hours and spilling drinks happened again. 

Finally, meeting his parents and attempting my best behaviour years later, I sat on the Chesterfield, and looked at all the stains, then scrapped the best behaviour and went straight to the wine... I decided I'd just be myself, no matter how incompetent at holding drinks. 

Velvet Loveseat // Candle Holder // Olive Tree // Geometric Cushion