Room Tour // Drinks Trolley

This was the best £3.06 ever spent on eBay. By.Far.

So, come on in!

What would you like to drink? I'm cracking open a bottle of Pink Chateau De Montgureret from the lovely gents at Connolly's wine on Livery Street in Birmingham. 

But I've got some Tonic waters and something stronger if it's been one of those days? 

Or perhaps a beer? Sacre Brew is a Midlands - based artisanal brewery. Now, if you want one, brace yourself because it's experimental, it's confusing, it's all round weird, but it makes an awesome talking point with guests and new friends. 

We had a few new buddies around before heading to a neighbours get together. 

Okay, I need to tell you this, since having Apollo in our lives, I've neglected heels a little more than I should.

So when you're getting dressed for something within a stones throw stroll... hell, go big or go home!

But only if home is like 100 meters away... 

I'd just got home from walking the pup, quickly ran a brush through my hair and threw on this lovely dress that Luxemme sent over. I loved the T bar neckline and the little side slit. 

I slipped on my 1920's rolled gold time piece, checked the time... 

Ooh... time to crack open a pre drink bottle before our buddies arrive. 

Okay, hold on, before I topple over trying to open this bottle, the shoes are coming off... 

Phew, better...