I will have my cake. And I will, eat it.


Not long before Christmas, and this is all I have to say...

We're in the run up now to festivities/family gatherings/alcoholism/Food Abuse/whatever. So while we're getting caught up in gift buying, list writing and indulgence, first, go ahead because I love opening up boxes to find Day Birger just as much as the next girl! But second, just remember that we're all incredibly lucky, we're hard working, passionate, but also incredibly blessed. I have to share this image my


' took last year while we were hiking in Ethiopia.

I mean, how can it get MORE juxtaposed?! I'm wearing KKKK worth of equipment, probably twice this girls weight, my makeup (Thank you FG) probably costs more than her assets. It is an utterly perfect example of how insanely materialistic we are. D'ya know, she's probably happier in her hand sewen clothes, with a bun in the oven and a baby on her back, than most people you see on the street. If I were a teacher, I'd use this image as a case study, it's just that insane.


Have a wonderful weekend, dance like sillies!