Maple and Rose

If you're on English soil I'm sure you've noticed that the mornings are getting light so much later at the moment. It's like the summer is leaving us early. Leaving the loft in the mornings, the sun takes that little bit more time kissing the horizon. 

Morning golden hour seems to last that bit longer. Most mornings we venture through the beautiful St. Pauls Square in the Second City's Jewellery Quarter. We stop for coffee and watch as the light flickers between the buildings. 

The light dances through the trees as the city shakes into life. As I amble I think about capturing these moments beyond images. There's something philosophical about the idea of capturing time. 

Chronograph time pieces are a favourite of mine, capturing moments as they tick by. In 1816 Louis Moinet, a French Horologist, first created the modern chronograph. Back then, they were mainly used by pilots and the aviation industry, now though, I use my chronographs to keep track of my day. Making sure that I never loose too much time to mediocre tasks and spend more time enjoying life.   

My uniform as of late has been built upon boxy layers, summer silks, and beautiful time pieces. When Wood Watches by Jord reached out and told me about their beautiful new range I couldn't help but fall weak at the knees for this rose gold and maple wood chronograph

Winding my way between buildings and past BCU's school of Horology, one of the only universities in the world which offer a BA in Horology, I cannot help but think of all the great watch makers who have walked these streets before me. 

We check the time and prepare to carry on with our day. After a stroll, a coffee and a quick bite to eat, Andrew heads towards his office. 

Most days I meet with new businesses, discover new clients. Each day I'm reminded that there is so much opportunity for positive project delivery through my consultancy AWS CREATE. I feel unashamedly lucky to move in positive new directions. 

I am lucky enough to spend time working from home, working from a space which once housed designers and inventors within the Jewellery Quarter. 

My accessories of late include doses of rose gold and feminine hues. 

Lily's and rose quartz currently fill my work space. A complete geology convert, I truly believe in energy and feng shui principles associated with stones. Keeping pieces of rose quartz in my work space I hope that all business ventures bring love and worth far beyond finance to my projects. 

In the principles of Feng Shui, maple wood is associated with bring balance and strength. For me, I associate this chronograph with those qualities too. 

Whether it is Feng Shui or strategic placement of rocks, I cannot help but feel so positive in my work. Finding a balance between creativity and project delivery, and knowing that both lines of work can be combined, has truly led to scary but fantastic ventures ahead. 

Oh, and if you are looking out for a new watch, be sure to check out the Jord range, I've selected a few below which I truly love. 

All my love,