Black and Gold

We've established that White and Gold is a favourite combination, but I've got to admit that I'm a huge lover of a bit of black too. Years ago, I woke up in the grips of insomnia at our then home in a little Oxfordshire town. I paced the rooms with a painting in my mind, then came across some old paints, in a tone of yellow gold and pearly white. I found mental release in the brush strokes. Now, this little painting, a maddened exorcism of negative emotion, stands a proud reminder that a few concentrated breaths can ground the most frustrated moments. 

This tiny faced Omega is like the painting, a reminder that our grounding breath is there whenever we need it. I love watching the little hands move, and filling my thoughts with positive reminders that my time is my own. 

A buddy of mine tells a beautiful story of a placement year abroad while studying. He was paid pittance for his time there, only enough for a small rental and basic foods. At the end of his placement he and the other students were given an envelope each containing a cheque as bonus for their exceptional efforts. One of the guys used it to buy four new german tyres for his VW Golf. My buddy though, he had walked past an antique dealer every day through this placement and coveted their selection of De Ville pieces. With his cashed bonus, in he went to the shop on his final day. There he came out with a beautiful brown strapped, gold faced, De Ville. He'll hate me for saying this, but that was nearly twenty years ago, and he still cherishes that timepiece. 

It is beautiful to think that you could share our most cherished moments in life with such a classic piece. It's humbling. 

This beautiful ladies De Ville of mine is filled with beautiful jewels and harks from an institution that has truly stood the test of time. 

Okay, you know I've mentioned this jacket before (here and here), but I love it and wear it as a staple. It was an investment piece, the original owner a past relation of mine, now, it remains a beautiful handmedown. 

It gets cold in this little second city, the chilling gusts blow through gaps between the buildings. Thermal tights are practically a uniform. I've raided cotswold outdoors to stock up on merino thermals to hide beneath my dresses. It's all a bit desperate really, but on moments when I wish away my time into warmer summer months, I can't help but think "just enjoy the moment - live!