Low Light

If you share this little island with us, you'll know that right now, sunset is happening mid afternoon. The light hovers around the horizon through the day, ducking down quickly long before it ever should. One of the things I love about Scandinavia is the dark folk art that comes from the long winters with an absent sun. Our Buddies Papa grew up in the Arctic Circle and tells of the long dark winters where a cloak of darkness lingers for months. It sounds a little retired, but when Andy gave me this Junghans piece from the 70's, I fell in love with the hands. They make low light time telling so much easier, but then, I guess that's what we have iphones for too? Technology aside, I adore the concept of time telling. The fact that little numbers can define our expectations of nature is bizarre, a part of me wants to rebel and hide from the ticking, but another part knows that the little ticks are a soundtrack to our lives. 

My adoration for Junghans as a watchmaker has been ongoing, my late Grandfather, a horologist, would teach me about the watch houses. Then he would give me a small unrepairable piece from his tinkering box and let me take it to pieces. This memory is one of my most fond, I love that time is one thing we all have in common. We all live by the same defined parameters. 

Wrapped up we headed out for a much needed burger and catchup, I tried to deny it, but in truth it was a night which required the Rab. With that jacket in my life the cold is a thing of the past.