Winter in the Garden

It's hard to imagine that this time last year, Aura had just come into our lives! She was a tiny little puppy... with a massively loud voice. 

A year on, she's a perfect girl to both us and Apollo. The two of them are utterly inseparable, she utterly adores him despite him being a grumps when he's tired - she'll still withstand the low growls and snuggle up to him beside the fire with her head resting on his. Eventually he gives in and ultimately loves the cuddles and attention!  

With the long winter days, spending time outside in the garden where possible is a great luxury. 


Especially with these two! 

We love our little garden, Apollo in particular relishes any opportunity for a ball throw. The past few days of play we've torn up a whole lot of grass. 

...but that's okay, anything for a play and ball fetch! Living in the terraced house is worlds away from the city center, but all the same we're just a half hour train ride into London. While it's been a crazy few months chasing contracts and winning clients, being able to get home and unplug. 

Hanging out with these two and spending more time outside has been the greatest thing about moving.  

While we sometimes miss the convenience of a Deliveroo or Amazon now delivery, this makes up for it! 

Aura, isn't all that bothered about games, she just wants love and attention. 

So after a good hour of play with Apollo, I give in and give her lots of love... while Apollo stares on - wondering why I'd even think about not throwing the ball for him. 

That face, that stare! 

Aura loves walking to heel, looking up to you beside her! 

Like many of her littermates, she's very chatty. She doesn't quite bark but makes low little noises in conversation and loves when you talk back.

Our favourite conversation goes "So many Aur's in here, where do I begin? I see my Snores, I'm bout to go in!" She joins in with little howls as we sing along. 

The garden is deep in hibernation right now,

Everything feels very bare and skeletal, which in a way is utterly beautiful. 

Over in one of the corners we've started making ourselves feel more and more at home. At night in the village the stars are so bright against the night sky that so often the dark outdoors trumps a new Netflix series! 

The chimnea has been well used over the past few months! A new fire pit is on the 2017 to-list, but for now, despite being very burnt out, it still works a charm! 

When we moved in early autumn, the farmers fields were littered with wild camomile. I gathered handfuls of seeds and spread them throughout the garden ready for bountiful harvests next year. For now, I'm just enjoying Atkinson camomile flowers. 

A perfect way to warm up beside the fire. 

Watching the dogs play and smelling a delicious lunch pouring from the kitchen... 

Ahh... winter in the garden feels so perfect! 

I kinda like it like it here...