All the gear...

I tried to function in the freezing cold but ended up getting my hair stuck in a zip...'s not so much the jackets fault, more the users. 


As we made our way into the woodlands, the dogs ran loops. 

Andy set his watch, both to track our route... and also to back track us home as the sun was close to the horizon and thick winter darkness pending. 

While he prepared us for woodland survival, I had finally managed to unhook my hair from what has fast become my favourite jacket. 

However... it was only -3 celsius outside...

...and this jacket is engineered for so much more. I was lovely and warm in seconds. 

With Apollo and Aura racing happily looping circles around us, we made our way through the woodland. 

With the cool winter air, everything seems to feel so bare. The trees feel deep in hibernation, their  branches bare, but the reality is that there is so much going on beneath the surface.

We walked, talking about the months ahead, wishing for long summer days. 

Though the trails I take turns to follow and lead the pack.. 

Occasionally the dogs start a chase with one another, dashing up and down chasing one another. 

The hours pass and we find ourselves tired but oh so content. 

Happy faces fall into a natural heel at our sides, stopping as we stop, watching what we watch. 

A few seconds of lingering and they start to shiver and we know its time to head home... 

...the mind clear and hearts utterly content.