Springing Forward

For the longest three weeks, I have been full of sniffles and sneezes. There's alot to love about this little isle, but there's something about the changing seasons which seems to bring a blanket of illness. 

In alignment with project goals and targets with wonderful CreateAWS clients, time has felt lacking. 

So, a little bored of all the cold and flu medication, I took to some soulful healing instead. 

First of all, I switched off my phone, lit beautiful candles from dearest friends, and opened pages from my favourite authors. 


I gathered my favourite crystals, Amethyst to clear the mind, Rose Quartz to still the heart, Tigers Eye for strength and Citrine for positive energy. 


There's nothing quite like quieting the mind, breathing, being conscious of each inhale, the feeling of air filling the lungs. 

There's something invigorating about the hustle of life, the fight to showcase your creativity and strengths, however, downtime, quiet moments of the mind, is key. 

Feeling the mind clear despite the physical tightness of a lingering head cold felt like a weight lift. 

Running a long hot bath, feeling the steam invigorate, mmm perfect. 


I filled it with my favourite scents, bath bombs, muscle soaks... 

On my last trip to Lancaster I stocked up on Agnes and Cat bath bombs for just these kind of evenings. 

Then, the cleansing, the gentle exfoliating, deep moisturising, all with my favourite Elemis products. 

Health isn't just skin deep though, as we all know. 

We need the right fuel to keep going and power through the winter months. 

For me, it's juices, smoothies, home made granola, indulgent fruit mixes which give me the fuel I need. 

So, I set aside time to create juices filled with nutrients. 


Loading up on my favourite coconut yoghurts, fresh fruit, seeds, slowly I started to feel cleansed, stronger. 


I'm not yet 100% recovered, but with spring on the horizon, life is starting to feel brighter and I'm so much stronger with each juice, smoothie, soothing tea.