Autumn Blues

Within what seems like no time at all, we've gone from warm summer sunshine, basking under warm rays, to signs that Autumn is in full swing. Leaves are turning golden and falling to the floor and there's that crisp coolness in the air. 

Any excuse for turtlenecks and wide brim fedora's eh? 

I've been watching the time a little more, checking in as the sun dips earlier and earlier and rises just that little later. My trusty Omega Deville has been telling me that winter is getting closer and closer. 

It doesn't give us much sunlight to get outside for puppy walks, but where possible, we head out to our favourite spots. 

Everything looks that little more golden. 

The light lingers on the horizon for all that little bit longer. 

And the layers of noir and navy hues are my go to favourites. My uniform of dark hues provide comfort and warmth. 

As you walk through the English Countryside you find hints of summer still holding on tight, a few berries here and there. 

The blackberries are now left to the birds and squirrels to feed up on as cooler days roll in. 

Layered up, we amble beneath the falling leaves, Apollo is infatuated with them. As each leaf falls he races to chase it. 

As the sun dips closer to the horizon, I take a moment to feel the warmth against my skin. Ahh... 

IMG_8659 1000.jpg