One Panama, Six Ways

It's no secret that I love my headwear. 

I picked up this Panama from my family hatters, T.Snook, and instantly fell in love with it. It travels most places with me, especially warm destinations. 

Remember: wear something once and it’s novel, the second time it’s familiar, the third time it’s your signature
— David Coggins

While pottering around the grounds of Chateau La Trousse in the summer sun, I deflected rays in white summer dresses and ran barefoot through the grounds we called home. 


Ambling through the streets of Paris in layers, I accessorised with my headwear and huge sunglasses. 

Driving through rolling country hills in the summer always calls for travel easy dresses and basic accessories. 

Sometimes a bad hair day and market shopping can easily be remedied with a great headwear choice. A high bun sits perfectly beneath the hat. 

Popping out for evening walks with Apollo, I've been reaching for hats, whether this Panama or wide brim fedoras. 


A quick spot of shopping and a simple outfit looks pre meditated, thought out, it adds height to my short stature.