Now, I have to admit, I was pretty excited to meet my family's newest addition. 

We're only a small family, with 7 of us remaining, the family line has now come to a screeching halt with three girls. 

Planning holidays, getaways and meetups together has become a spreadsheet situation. With Airbnb, Booking.com to name a few each on different screens as we check our calendars and sync our lives for the next getaway. One of the key search filters is now the pets accepted filter, to allow us to bring our wider family of fur babies. 

Tuppence being one of them! 

Oh Tuppence! 

She's a lovely little Cavachon puppy. 

After an evening catching up, sharing stories, sipping new wines, smiling and laughing away, we wrapped up the pups and headed out for a pack stroll. 

The lure of a little puffed robin's song as we strolled was irresistible...

Tuppence responded on her hind legs, dancing along to the chirps of the birdsong. 

A long overarm ball throw and they soon forgot about their feathery friend... 

Running and chasing one another in a perfect pack. 

Aura and Tuppence barked commands at Apollo.

Tuppence leapt into the air, smiling happily as she ran. 

She kept a beady eye on Apollo and Aura, and fast learnt that if she waits while Apollo runs out for a ball, she can then steal it from him on his return! 

Tuppence also made sure she knew where her big sister Katie was at all times. Always running back to her feet. 

Once out of the woods and out in the open, Apollo ran loops in easy long strides. 

Upon his return Aura and Tuppence would dip down out of his way after a few accidental collisions! 

Despite lots of distractions, Tuppence's recall was utterly perfect. 

... along with her stick choices... 

They played happily while we chatted, laughed. The winter sun dipped behind rain clouds, we called the pups back, Apollo carried his favourite ball, and off we wandered for shelter, good food and excellent wine. 

Ahh... a perfect family outing!