Edwardian Rose

Soundtrack: The Pierces "Secret"

Can I share a little something with you?

It's my wedding dress, it's not MY wedding dress... but it's a piece of mystery I now carry


With only eight family members left on my fathers side, we're pretty close. Four years ago though, when my grandfather passed away, I found a million mysteries...


One of which included this dress... beautiful, Edwardian at least, with alot of love in every stitch...

Where did it come from? Well that's something I'll never quite know...


It was never worn by the ladies in my family, so the question begs to differ, who?

Who wore this dress on the biggest day of her life? Who did she meet at the end of the isle?

Why is it in my family's hands? My grandmother was adamant, when she discovered it, that it be thrown away.

Thrown outside, with lost memories... no... the delicate pearl buttons...

The antique lace... the silk... I couldn't let it go...

Now it sits, a mystery to me...

Three, four, five generations later, here I am. The love I hold for each item of clobber, the thoughts, the planning, maybe one day will be forgotten and left to the moths in the attic.


First Set:

Dress: Vintage

Necklace: Amber Antique

Rings and Strings: Usual mosh

Second Set:

Dress: Arrogant Cat

Tights: H&M

Shoes: Topshop

Thanks to SeeSee for the patience to snap moi