Vegan Mint Choc Milk

I'm a sucker for anything described as "mint choc" and while trying my best to reduce caffeine intake these drinks have been a favourite morning go to drink. 

They're easy to make, utterly delicious and sets you up for a great day ahead. Nut milk is a staple in our fridge, I always have a batch made up waiting to be poured over granola or whipped up into a smoothie. To make the milk I use this method, which is basically just blending up a load of nuts. 

To sweeten it up, I use dates, infact I use dates in almost everything from chocolate balls to cheesescake! Then for the nourishing chocolate sweetness Raw Cacao is a staple which is a key ingredient for the above mentioned chocolate balls, pudding bowls and chocolate milk. Now for the fun bit, the mint - we have fresh mint in the garden which is great for use in cooking but something we just need a whole lot more mint to flavour dishes and drinks. Holy Lama makes a range of spice drops, including mint drops. Does this sound like a sponsored post?! Well, it's not, and there are loads of other great companies out there who sell extracts, but Holy Lama champion fair trade and sustainability, and as consumers we have so much power in our cash to support these great industries. 

Okay, ready to make some mint choc milk? 

So for one serving you will need: 

  • 200ml Nut Milk 
  • 5/6 Majool Dates, blended
  • 1 Tsp Raw Cacao 
  • 1 drop mint extract
  • Fresh leaves to finish

Once you've got all the ingredients, blend it all up and serve. 

Easy! Enjoy!