Atkinsons Coffee Companions and Long Weekend Breakfasts

As you know, I have a thing for coffee.

There's nothing that could top a delicious fresh roast... especially when it drops through the letter box!  

The fantastic team over at Atkinsons offer a coffee companion service, whereby a delicious fresh roast is delivered monthly. Our friends gifted us a subscription as a wedding gift - a wonderful gift and utterly appreciated!  

Each month a new roast drops through the letterbox. One of the great things I love about the team over at Atkinsons is their passion for sourcing excellent blends from farmers who champion coffee growing. 

Sealed for freshness there's nothing more satisfying than opening the bag for the first time... 

...inhaling that cloud of fresh coffee. 

I like mine extracted via V60 pour over, with a mellow weekend soundtrack and an organic full english sourced from the local farms.