Make This - Leather and Gold Marquee Lights

Any Marquee style light has been at the top of my interior covet list as of late - this star from or these from Rup & Forn to name a few... 

After a week of hard work in the kitchen renovation - images to come as soon as the concrete dries - I was still on a Create type high. 

So, I had a bit of an idea... As a bit of background, right now Andrew, Apollo and myself live in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter in an old loft building which was once a beautiful factory. The walls are long and high, every now and then interjected with original redbrick. I find that by creating little collections, scattered together in clusters, resonates my taste without taking away from the original beauty of the building. 

And little projects like this one, creates layers of light and texture which give that ahhh home at the end of a day. 

These letters were an easy ebay find and arrived next day ready for use.

The leather was recycled and so soft in a champagne white - from here

And the lights were an Ikea staple. 

To start off, I outlined the letters. 

Then, with a little help from Apollo, pulled the fabric tight to cut. 

Thanks for your help Buddy! 

Using a hot glue gun I attached the leather to the front of each letter. 

Then for the back and sides of the letter, painted the remaining area in Metallic Gold.  

Trim off any extra with a small scissors then commence lighting! 

These have enough clearance on the blubs to get right the way through the depth of the letters and still hold themselves straight. 

From the back of the two letters, I marked up locations for the lights. 

Then, using a long enough drill bit, gently ran the holes right the way through. 

Gently pushing the lights through the insertions and making sure they jut out in uniform. 

With the letter Q, I used washi tape to secure the back of the lights in order to prevent unsightly cable build up. 

Then... lights... action! 

At the moment I'm completely weak at the knees for these cheerful hydrangeas - they're so beautiful and have lasted a few weeks now. 

White champagne leather and metallic gold... a perfect fusion of colour and texture... 

...illuminating my little collection of daily jewellery staples... 

...and... clearing providing a little ambiance for my four legged helper...