Make This - Leather Jewellery Pot

If you've ever been around me when I'm getting ready, the words "where's my (insert jewellery item here)" crop up far too often. 

So I've been attempting to counteract item displacement with organisational tools. 

I've been thinking about creating these little tray type holders for a while now, first I thought maybe try constructing them in cardboard or a paper material. With the lovely recycled leather that I had used for the JQ Marquee letters, I loved the structure of the material and knew it would work perfectly. 

The tools needed for this include: 

Leather pieces - go for recycled, synthetic or vegan if possible

Leather punch pliers (or a nail and hammer like this)

Pop rivet gun if you're using pop rivets otherwise if you're using screw rivets you won't need this. 

Rivets of your choice 


Size out the leather and mark up a triangle on the back of the fabric. 

Cut out the triangles using fabric scissors to ensure a clean edge. 

I really didn't like the back of the leather, because it's recycled it just looked a little messy. So I got my favourite acrylics out and rooted through. 

The pearlescent mother of pearl shine was the choice! 

Then using the punch pliers, punch two holes each side of the three corers. 

Then once punched, pinch the two sides of each corner and secure with rivets. 

Then... that's it! 

I gathered some of my favourite little jewels collected over the years. 

... and some little gem stones found in my late grandfathers collections. He was a writer, poet and painter and as anyone who knew him would agree, he was stubborn and bull headed. There are so many qualities of his that I sometimes see in me. He was awkwardly hippy and organic, and collected rocks and minerals... again, correlation. 

I popped the Amethyst and Black Tourmaline in one of the holders, and the Smokey Quartz in my gem find from Evora in the other. 

Well, here's hoping no more losses