Make This - Hanging Basket Planters

I'm sure you're aware of my habit of sneaking more greenery into the house. The Lemon, Banana, Olive trees find little hidden spots. The expedit/kallax units brim with tomato plants, horseraddish and rhubarb, and then an idea came to mind... the walls. 

Peace Lillies are my favourite house plant - it's the best plant for stripping VOC's from the air, it strips out any mould spores, and they grow insanely easily. 

To make the planters, I used a 10mm diameter hessian rope and wrapped strips of thin leather cord and sparkly pieces of thread. I also added strips of colour including a pearly white and gold acrylic, and a few dabs of Farrow and Balls' Dead Salmon paint. 

On an upturned glass, tightly wrap the rope and glue together using a hot glue gun. Paint little areas of colour onto the rope as you're wrapping it around to give extra colour. 

Then start wrapping the chord and thread in a range of thickness. 

For the hanging planter, I looped two natural pieces of leather around the top layer of rope before gluing then secured the top of the hangers with a spot of glue then tightly wound gold thread around to hide the glue. 

Then I used some paper planters cut down to size and inserted. 

Then... hang! I used a small Command strip on the planter and wall aswell as washi tape to secure the top. 

There was something so theraputic about this project, just simply wrapping rope and creating these simple planters. 

These now hang in the window of the bedroom, but I'm thinking about making some more for the kitchen...