Make This - Hanging Terrarium

The last time I found myself in an incident with a plastic fish bowl, the circumstances were pretty different. This time, the requirement for Absolute Vodka was substantially reduced, which was sensible because the project required utilisation of power tools. 

I picked up a plastic fish bowl from Poundland, angled it so that the opening faced an angle upwards to contain the soil. I marked up a suitable spot to drill the hanging hook and luckily hadn't lost the very small drill bit which allowed for the thin hook to be screwed in to the plastic. The pack of picture hooks are one of Ikea's gems as there's a full variety for every need. 

I chose peaty soil which held moisture so not to require alot of watering. One of my greatest skills seems to involve multiplying any existing peace lily, into many more peace lilies. So, with a few spare around the house, I potted out one lily and two little ferns that we inherited when we moved into the new apartment - they were practically growing out of the wall.