Moon Garland

We tried the whole sleeping under the stars and moon thing earlier in the year. Actually, we barely made it outside our African cabin (in the woods) before startling a leopard and pegging it back inside. So after that whole experience, I thought I'd give the whole under the moon sentiment another go. 

I had some air drying clay left over from another project. It was easy rolling out a section and utilising an empty mason jar to cut out circles then sections of the moon. 

I left them to dry for two to three hours. 

Then, once dried, sharpies were used to half colour the moons. 

Then threaded up, and hung! 

I closed my eyes and fell asleep beneath the moon. I dreamt about buying a hilux and filling the flat cab with duvets and trying out nature again. 

Then, cue the story of my life... 

The little thumb tacks that it hung from gave way, and for need of a better description, twatted me on the face.